Public Liability Insurance 

Your protection against the unexpected however careful you might be ...

When the unexpected happens, it’s not necessarily who is at fault that matters – the critical issue is the future of your business.

Accidents happen but business failure is avoidable …

Public liability insurance provides cover if you and/or your business activities are found to be negligent in causing personal injury or death to people such as your clients and suppliers who interact with you; damage to their property; and/or if you cause damage or economic loss to their business. Unfortunately, and all too often, 'victims' seek compensation for their troubles.

Public liability insurance covers a very wide range of risks and circumstances

Australian law imposes a 'duty of care' upon certain businesses and individuals including consultants, business property owners and occupiers, employers, retailers and wholesalers of goods, and many others. If you have breached your duty of care and are deemed liable, you may be required to pay for damages that often run to many hundreds of thousands of dollars … or more! And even if you are successful in defending a claim, your legal fees alone may well impose a financial burden on your business that is impossible to recover … unless you have public liability insurance.

Personal injury claims can be expensive

There has been a steady increase in public liability insurance bodily injury claims over the last five to ten years [Source: AFR Insurance Summit 2002/Trowbridge Consulting]. Although personal injury claims make up only 25% of total public liability claims, their average cost is much higher than property claims ... partly because one dollar in every $6 ends up with solicitors and one dollar in every $4 with barristers [Australian Bureau of Statistics 2000]. It also begs the question How would you value your time defending a claim against you?

Home & Contents insurance covers your home and its contents – not your business activities at home ...

While your Home & Contents insurance policy may contain cover for public liability, it is generally intended for home owners or occupiers as a safeguard against personal injury to tradespeople and others providing home services around the house. If you work from home, your policy may well get you off the hook when your dog bites the postman … but if Fido attacks your best client - catastrophe! … unless the public liability cover is specific to your business activities.

Cover for a small business is as little as $1 a day and its tax deductible

Public liability insurance cover at $5, $10 or $20 million is very affordable for most business activities. As with all forms of insurance, the policy wording is critical and professional advice is recommended.

We handle your claims too

The most common types of claims fall into just a few categories:

  • slips, trips and falls - these make up the majority of claims
  • stress and anxiety arising from the unexpected such as service or product/equipment failures or malfunctions.
  • falling objects.

Although you have no doubt built your business on hard work, careful management and risk mitigation, you can only minimise the unexpected.  Accidents will happen … but you can avoid the financial pain with the right insurance cover. Note: Broadform Liability Insurance usually covers both public liability and product liability insurance.

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