Professional Indemnity Insurance

It wasn't my fault! … or was it? You can never be sure …

Professional indemnity insurance is essential cover for a wide range of professional advisers and consultants. If you or your business is found to be negligent in causing loss - either material, financial or physical - as a result of error, omission or neglect of those you are endeavouring to advise, professional indemnity insurance will meet the cost of defending claims and any damages payable. 

Client expectations of service and quality of advice are ever increasing …

As our society becomes more litigious, so too are claims increasing for alleged negligence or breach of duty. As with defending a public liability claim, the costs of lawyers and the disruption to your business can be crippling … unless you have professional indemnity insurance. It is specifically designed to pay your legal costs in defending an indemnity claim on your business; and the cover contributes (up to the policy limits) to any financial settlement imposed by a court upon your business as compensation to the suing party.

Don’t be caught short through lack of advice …

Provided that the incident is covered under your insurance policy wording, your insurance company will meet the costs of a claim … and potentially save you and your business from ruin. But beware; being under-insured may be almost as financially disastrous as being without insurance at all.

You care, we care!

Negligence is the primary issue likely to trigger a liability in matters of personal injury and/or loss to property. But while many people who suffer physical injuries take their case to the courts, it is psychological issues such as stress claims and bullying that have become the health and safety issue of the 21st century. Such matters are often very subjective and while you may consider you have not been negligent, the courts may take a different view. Regardless of the outcome, the costs of your defence can be crippling … without adequate professional indemnity insurance.

Can you afford to take the risk?

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